Why My WiFi Keeps Disconnecting on Linksys Extender?

linksys extender setup

Is your WiFi freezing because your Linksys extender doesn’t have a stable Internet connection? Unfortunately, WiFi keeps disconnecting issue is incredibly common, no matter what extender you have set up. Fortunately, there are many ways to fix the WiFi signals dropping issue. All you need to do is check out and use the hacks given in the post and make your Linksys WiFi stop disconnecting.

Things You Can Do To Stop WiFi Keeps Disconnecting Issue

Power Cycle Your Linksys

Before giving a whirl to any other method, this is the most simple one you can try to solve the slow or intermittent WiFi issue. So, without any ado, unplug your Linksys extender. After a few seconds, install the device again to its power outlet and see if it solves your problem. Most probably, you get the good results out of it. If not, try the steps ahead.

Move Your Linksys Extender

For the strongest and lag-free WiFi signals, it is always necessary to place your extender at a location with minimal interference. You can try:

  • Placing your Linksys somewhere in the mid of your home.
  • Shifting its location far from other electronic devices usually emitting radio waves.
  • Keeping it away from physical obstructions like glasses/mirrors and concrete walls.
  • Locating it closer to your existing WiFi router.

Disconnect Unused Access

After completing the Linksys extender setup, users often connect all their devices to their WiFi. But, the more devices connected to your network, the slower speed you are going to experience. So, disconnect the devices that are not currently being used by you to boost the speed of your WiFi.

Verify an Unknown Device is Not Connected

Make sure your Linksys extender is not accessed by your neighbors or an unknown user. As all the Linksys extenders can be installed and configured using the default web address, it is really easy for others to leech your WiFi, especially if you have not changed the login details. So, keep your extender always password-protected for avoiding connections from any unknown devices.

Update the Firmware

Your Linksys extender may be showing WiFi keeps disconnecting issue if it is running an outdated firmware version. This is one of the major reasons causing dropping connection of Linksys WiFi range extender. To get it fixed, navigate to the settings of your Linksys and check if the Linksys model you have is offered with any new firmware version. If you find any update, simply get it to speed up your WiFi.

Change the WiFi Channel

If none of the above-listed troubleshooting tips are helping you fix the WiFi keeps disconnecting issue, it is possible that the WiFi channel your Linksys uses is overcrowded and has to be changed. You can change the channel of your WiFi by heading towards your extender’s web user interface and then navigating to Wireless Settings. As soon as you choose a less-congested channel for your Linksys, it is most likely that there will be no WiFi dropping issue anymore.

Nothing is making your WiFi stable or well-performing? Well, it seems as if your Linksys is having some set up related issues. In such a case, reset your Linksys to default settings and install it again. Non-techies may find issues while re-configuring their device.

If you get stuck during any of the steps while reinstalling your Linksys extender, you can anytime reach out to our technical experts for assistance. Our experts will not only help you make your Linksys extender working but also assist with ways to fix WiFi keeps disconnecting issue.