Reasons Causing Dropping Connection of Linksys WiFi Range Extender

reasons causing Linksys dropping connection

Linksys extenders are the best WiFi devices when it comes to enjoying the lag-free internet throughout that land in your house. Even after the successful completion of Linksys WiFi extender setup, users many times face WiFi dropping connection issue with their device. If your Linksys WiFi range extender is also annoying with the WiFi dropping issue and making your surfing or streaming experience really frustrating, then worry not.

Here’s the solution!

This post covers various reasons that can cause Linksys WiFi signals to drop. Let’s dig a bit deeper and know the problems behind the internet dropping issue.

Reasons Causing WiFi Dropping Issue

  • Your Wireless Gadgets:

    If you have many wireless gadgets at your home, chances are they are interrupting the signals of your Linksys range extender. Games console controllers, baby monitors, garage door openers, wireless speakers, wireless cameras or microphones, drones, and more use the same band as of your extender. So, to fix the problem keep your Linksys extender away from wireless gadgets. Make a note that reflexive surfaces, large mirrors, water lines, fish tanks, kitchen appliances, cordless phones, Bluetooth speakers can also hit the range and performance of your network. So, place your extender keeping all these points in mind.

  • Your Extender Itself:

    Yes, you read it right! If the placement of your Linksys extender is not right, then also you can face the dropping connection issue. Make sure your extender is in range of your router and placed at a higher and clean place. It is always best to place an extender mid-way between your PC and WiFi router.

  • Improper Connection:

    Check all the wired connections of your devices, including modem, router, and extender. Make sure all the connections are proper and your devices are receiving fluctuation-free power supply. Also, make sure the cable you have used to connect your device is not having any kind of defect.

  • Neighbors WiFi:

    If your home is surrounded by many houses, then the WiFi devices of your neighbors may conflict with yours. Also, if you own more than one routers or extender, they can also conflict with each other. In such a case, changing the WiFi channel can help. This will help in boosting the performance of your WiFi.

  • Excess of Connected Devices:

    If a lot of devices are connected to the range of your extender, then also you may face the WiFi dropping issue. To fix this, try connecting only those devices which are in use. Don’t overburden your WiFi by connecting unnecessary devices.

To Sum Up

Internet dropping issue is worst! It can be extremely annoying because it puts a stop on your streaming or gaming. We hope that the above troubleshooting tips will help you get rid of the Linksys extender internet dropping issue.

Just in case if you have tried all the solutions given in this post and still facing the same issue, feel free to get in touch with our experts.

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